Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sad Day

Sad day here...the supra was wrecked yesterday. I might put up some photos once I get them. It's a long story but regardless, I do have some footage for a video and once I'm done grieving I'll throw it together into a nice little film!


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Saturday, March 3, 2007

PA Assault!

I know I promised you guys a video involving me, my roomates and a PA speaker. I forgot to mention the PA was attached to my roomate's Xterra. I finally finished the video last night. Keep in mind this is video over only a period of 2 days. That said, there is definitely room to make many more volumes if I feel the need. This video weighs in at nearly 8 minutes and the stuff in it is just golden. Yelling at random pedestrians, yelling at people in a library (yes, it's that loud), and other random antics abound. I hope you guys enjoy it! Depending on the response etc, I might end up making another one.

Hope you enjoy!

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