Thursday, August 9, 2007

Two Videos?!?!?!

Think of this as either a double whammy of video goodness, or me just being lazy and not updating the site until I finished two more videos! These are awesome by the way. My first foray with a friend into the world of Adobe After Effects. This program is sick! Definitely a recommended buy.
The first video showcases my brothers amazing acting skillz. Professional paid actors couldn't do better than this folks!

He's So Angry!

Download Link Here (WMV 6mb): Click

The second video is almost as funny as the first but it looks far more amazing! You'll just have to see it to understand!


Not bad for a living room and a broom handle eh.

Download Links:

Oh, and on a side note, The HD video camera is on the way! Should have it by the end of August!

Thank for watching!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fish Camp: The Remix

As some of you may know, I go to Texas A&M. There is a student run program called Fish Camp there that caters to incoming freshmen. Fish Camp is a sort of warm up for college for the Freshmen. I'm a counselor for Fish Camp and one of the fun things that we as counselors do is go on road trips. It was my luck to have most of my Fish Camp counselor group at my house (17 people total). It was pretty packed.

Here's the highlights!

Fish Camp: The Remix