Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh the crazy non-alcoholic nights!
Time: 3am
Location: My Apartment
Mood: Destructive

I need some background for this video. My roomates-Jason, Brandon, and I have had a long time to come to terms with the craptacular nature of our apartment. Basically put: It sucks pretty bad. The walls had a few holes in them (recently patched), the garbage disposal doesn't work, and the smell of cigarettes from the floor below us is nearly enough to kill me sometimes. But I digress, by far the worst feature of the apartment is the doors. Upon a close examination it is apparent that they were most likely made by some 3rd world country child in Nigeria who most likely makes Nike shoes on the side.
That fateful night in 2006, we tested the door strength. I made the mistake of angering brandon (250lbs. mind you) and I promptly ran for Jason's room knowing that something in my room would no doubt be destroyed if I ran there. Mistake 1: I closed the door thinking that perhaps it's small cardboard-strength frame would protect me from the onslaught of force that was about to be unleashed. Mistake 2: I hid in the bathroom where there was no window to jump from. (Note: We live on the 3rd floor...I wouldn't have jumped anyways). The door nearly crumpled under Brandon's tackling force but the hinges held just long enough for him to rip the handle open. Needless to say I survived the whole encounter, barely.
We were now stuck with a door barely hanging on it's hinges.

Time to take it down!

I present for your viewing pleasure:

Door Destruction!

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