Saturday, February 10, 2007

Popular With The Ladies

I was skeptical at first about posting videos of baby rabbits to youtube. My brother was raising rabbits to auction them off in one of his school programs. After careful thought I realized that some people might actually have some interest in the little animals. I also realized that aside from destroying any amount of masculinity I had, it would boost the amount of girls that watched my videos by at least 200%. A worthy amount I believed.

So here is:

Bunny Update 1 - Bunny Rescue. Only 1 Day Old

Bunny Update 2 - 3 Day Old Bunnies.
Note: My brother was chewing gum and around halfway through the video he stands next to me and smacks it loudly. So it wasn't me as many of the people that left my youtube comments thought. =)

Bunny Update 3 - 2 Week Old Bunnies

Bunny Update 4 - 5 Weeks Old

Hope you like them!


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