Saturday, February 10, 2007

Second Star To The Right

In 2006, my English teacher gave my class extreme freedom with our English Final. We were able to choose any literary work and create a retelling of it, as long as we discussed the original work in class.
I chose Peter Pan.
Creating a retelling isn't difficult, just look at the amount of retellings Little Red Riding Hood inspired. I had to choose a variation on the Peter Pan story theme and after much thought I settled on creating something epic. (I suppose that isn't really settling then)

Of course you must remember that I was stuck with a relatively low cost digital camera that didn't help much in the creation of an epic film. So I did the only creative thing available...took clips from other epic films.

The clips were from movies such as:
-Jurassic Park I, II, and III
-Peter Pan (2003)
-Need For Speed: Tokyo Drift
-The 300 Movie Trailer

Compiling all of these films together with some creative transitioning, I created a totally different film.

Made entirely with Windows Movie Maker,
I present for your enjoyment:

Second Star To The Right

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